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EVVO Snowshoe 3 with spike
26 October 2021
EVVO Trackol
26 October 2021



The EVVO SNOWSHOES PRO offer a new way to walk on your snowy environment to explore new opportunities.​

Its oversize strap allows it to be used with any type of boots, such as mountaineering boots, ski touring boots or snowboarding boots… ideal for professionals who work in the snow.​

The Michelin sole incorporates the Icespike technology for better grip in all surfaces.​

With this model EVVO is even more committed to eco-design, by making a strap from Porcher Sport’s high performance fabrics.

Color : Red and blue

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This is not a snowshoe, it’s much more than that​

​Adherence and all-terrain: 100% rubber outsole developed with MICHELIN. The crampon slats provide grip on snow and all other non-snow surfaces, even swampy.​
The sole integrates the Icespike technology for a better ice grip. 7 carbide spikes are integrated into the sole per foot. The inserts and nails are interchangeable.

Ergonomic walking: Patented ergonomic shape certified by podologists, lightness and flexibility of materials. Climbing snowmobiles, ladders, … all your professional actions remain accessible as usual without take off the snowshoes.​

Intuitiveness: Light, flexible materials, double kick and hell adjustment system, intuitive to put on and adjust.​

Thermal protection and acoustic comfort : Upper designed with a PA66HT “avalanche airbag” fabric strap that provides additional waterproofing to the shoes. Its Ripstop anti-tear mesh guarantees good resistance to abrasion. ​
The midsole, made with foam and rubber offer thermal isolation and reduce of noise disturbance.​

Flotaison : spatula-free patented shape to retain a natural stride and save your energy, even in powdery snow.​

Made In France technology: EVVO snowshoes are a true technical innovation developed and manufactured in France in the Massif du Pilat.​

Design: The unique snowshoes design was awarded the Observeur du Design label in 2019 by the APCI​

Sustainability: EVVO is committed to eco-design and has approached its supplier Porcher Sport to find a solution. This strap is made from scraps of technical fabrics used for avalanche airbags.​

Join the snowshoe rEVVOlution


Men – L – 8 ½ to 13 ½ – red / blue, Men – M – 4 to 8 ½ – red / blue, Women – L – 9 ½ to 13 – red / blue, Women – M – 5 to 9 ½ – red / blue

Icespike kit

Replaceable kit


Size L: 1150g/foot, Size M: 850g/foot

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