26 October 2021

EVVO Trackol


TRACKOL is a hard snow and ice grip accessory, adaptable to EVVO SNOWSHOES and to all shoes, boots. ​
TRACKOL is optimized for safety and comfort on technical terrains.

Color: Black, grey and Red

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Ergonomic walking: TRACKOL is composed of 2 composite blocks articulated to maintain your ergonomics patern in shoes and in snowshoes. The front block, with its curved shape, is positioned under the metatarsals. The rear block is positioned under the heel.​

Adherence and all-terrain: TRACKOL is made of composite material and carbide for an incomparable ice and snow grip. It has 6 carbide tips in the front and 4 in the heel for better ice grip. Both blocks have composite ribs to ensure snow grip in all circumstances.​


TRACKOL is designed for trekking, urban uses, running, trail running, hunting and forestry work…. It is not suitable for walking on hard, rocky or stone-covered ground, as there is still a risk of slipping. TRACKOL is not intended for mountaineering or ice climbing. It does not completely eliminate the risk of slipping. ​
An exceptional event may lead you to reject a product after a single use (type and intensity of use, environment of use: aggressive environments, marine environment, sharp edges, extreme temperatures, chemicals, etc.).​
The use of alcoholic or psychotropic substances, including drugs that may alter perception, stability and attention, must be avoided when using this equipment.​

Adjustment: TRACKOL has 4 elastic straps, 100% recyclable, and different adjustment positions. By adjusting their lengths and their assemblies between the other parts of the crampon, it is compatible with EVVO snowshoes and all types of boots. See the manual for fitting instructions. The Adjustment tutorial on our YouTube channel will help you with the manipulations.​

Assembly / Disassembly : For both snowshoes and boots, start by putting the TRACKOL on the front of the foot. Then position the heel strap on the rear spatula of the snowshoe or behind the heel of the shoe. The TRACKOL is tightened with the instep strap. To remove the system, perform the operations in reverse.​
Refer to the assembly and disassembly tutorial on our Youtube channel.​

Storage: The TRACKOL is provide with a storage bag that allows you to store it after use. You can easily slip it into a backpack pocket.​

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Unique Size (Men) : 4 to 13 ½ red / black / grey​, Unique Size (Women) : 5 to 13 red / black / grey​


Compatible EVVO snowshoe size M and L only


490g /pair